About Baja Cowboy Racing

"Oklahoma State University Mini Baja Racing Team" is our official title; however, we like to refer to ourselves as "Cowboy Racing" or simply "Baja". The team was created in 1995 to compete in the International Baja SAE Competition.


Who we are:

This club is open to any OSU student who is interested in working with a team to move a product from the design stage all the way to the market. Cowboy racing is a dynamic team full of opportunities for leaders in any field to rise to their potential.

What we do:

Throughout the year, Cowboy racing uses engineering and manufacturing principles to desing and build a car. It is up to the team to recruit new members, acquire sponsors, maintain public relations, and prepare material so that they can attempt to sell the vehicle that they create at the annual competition. The main events of the competition are grueling, punishing tests for the car, and the team must also present their car to a panel of judges and try to sell the buggy to a group of real-world businessmen.   



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Who is Cowboy Racing?
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We do more than just build and race.
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Cowboy Racing