Cowboy Racing


Here you will find our previous off-roading machines!


Overall Design
Our design is built upon the following criteria.  Don't change something that already works, and improve on the things that don't work that well.  For our car this means lightening the frame, improving frame geometry, using fabricated parts that have been proven reliable, and improving the quality of our work. The following parts will help us achieve this.

For 3-D pictures of our design

  • Chrome-Moly Frame
  • Fox Air Shocks
  • Dana-Spicer Gearbox
  • Cutting Brake
  • Carbon Fiber Wheels
  • Aluminum Seat
  • Two Rear Brakes
  • Polaris CVT



Car 57 Build Pictures

1-22-2013- We have continued to make adjustments to our already greatly designed frame, seemingly better every year. This build is expected to look and perform better as well. 


Car 111 Build Pictures

2-15-2012- So the car is still under construction, our design is a modified version of our most successful car design yet. We have designed it to weigh less and offer the same, if not more, structural strength.


Car 32 Build Pictures

3-12-10 - The major components of the car are finally together and we are just finishing up the body panels. Next week, we will take the car apart and bring the frame to get powder coated and the graphics put on the body panels.


Car 94 Final Car Pictures

4-18-09 - The car is back together and looking better than ever this year.  We a faster and lighter car than last year we have high hopes for competition this year.  Thanks to all of our sponsors!