Past Competitions

Past Competition Results

Louisville Midnight Mayhem 2019

Car Number: 17

Overall Ranking: 34


California: May 2019

Car Number: 109

Overall Ranking: 58


Oregon: May 2015

Car Number: 84

Overall Ranking: 25


Kansas May 2014

Car number: 64

Overall Ranking: 23


Bellingham, WA: May 2013

Our car was built for success. We did much better than last year, despite having a few unexpected problems. This year we experimented with a new CVT drive train that helped us just as much as it gave us problems. We also had a collision, excess mud and a much needed nut that came loose during the race. Other than that we did a great job, our vehicle's frame is still intact and holding strong.

Overall - 43rd Place

For a detailed look at how our team did, visit this link.span>


Wisconsin, Illinois: May 2012

This year we left competition with a damage free car. 111's frame design proved to be one of our better frames, able to withstand higher impact collisions without any sustained damage. Unfortunately in this competition we were hindered, along with many others, by the heavy dust in the air. We were not permitted to complete the endurance race as a few of the pile ups left flipped us over for up to 25 minutes at a time. We gave this competition our best effort.

Overall - 78th Place of 102 Teams

For a detailed look at how our team did, visit this link.span>


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